Valentine’s and Braces

The team at Clauss Ortho couldn’t let Valentine’s Day go by without declaring our love for braces. And what’s not to find endearing about this orthodontic specialty on the day of love? Confident smiles and straight teeth make braces even more loveable! And here’s a few more reasons why braces have become the bees knees:

Braces can be super subtle

You can now have clear, tooth colored braces. if you’re feeling super adventurous – you can brighten up your smile with a rainbow of colors! Ceramic braces are virtually the same as metal braces, except ceramics have tooth-colored or clear brackets that blend in with your teeth. Incorporate color to let everyone know your unique side. Gold, dark blue, turquoise, orange, green, violet or pink look super nice if you have a darker skin tone. Light blue, bronze, and dark purple complement a lighter skin tone. Not to mention darker colors make your teeth appear whiter. Try red this month and let everyone know Cupid’s arrow has struck you!

Braces are suitable for everyone

Braces are no longer just for teens! The American Association of Orthodontists states that one in five orthodontic patients is over the age of 21. Adults are choosing to receive treatment because they understand the importance of maintaining their health, and want to feel better about their appearance. Adults everywhere are taking advantage of the opportunity to receive orthodontic care, and now you can too. Treating your special someone to braces for Valentine’s Day at Clauss Ortho will boost their self-confidence and all around awesomeness!

Braces aren’t just for cosmetic reasons

women with braces

A healthy, fabulous smile might be the first thing you think of when you think braces, but cosmetic issues aren’t the only thing orthodontics address. Clauss Ortho knows that there are actually many dental problems orthodontists can treat. These treatments often lead to a better oral health overall. Teeth that are crooked can impact your self image, but the more important issue is how hard they can make it to keep your teeth and gums clean and free from bacteria. Crooked teeth are at risk for tooth decay and periodontal disease. Misalignment of the teeth can cause extra stress on the chewing muscles, this leads to headaches, TMJ syndrome, and pains in the back, neck, and shoulder. Come in and help your sweetheart improve their oral health!

Braces can help you avoid those sugary treats

We know Valentine’s Day comes with lots of delicious candy and treats, but too much of a good thing can be a problem. There is a lot of emphasis placed on how to avoid packing on the pounds during this time of year, but it’s not just our waistlines that need watching! In the days and weeks following the holiday, dentists and orthodontists see an increase in the number of cavities treated in their offices. That’s right – teeth can be a huge casualty of the holiday! But have no fear, there are plenty of seasonal treats that are both delicious and healthy for your pearly whites. Clauss Orthodontics has put together this list of good and bad snacks to help you make better choices for your teeth as you enjoy this special time of year.

Two treats to avoid: white wine and caramel corn

m&m chocolate candy

White wine may come as a surprise because people think of red wine as the one that stains the mouth, but it turns out white wine is actually worse for your teeth! Red wine, when drank in moderation, is antibacterial and helps prevent tooth decay by killing bacteria, while white wine has a high acidic content that erodes tooth enamel. So, ask the bartender for a glass of red on your Valentine’s date! Caramel Corn is a top offender when it comes to getting stuck in teeth and braces, so this favorite or any treat containing caramel is definitely a no go! Besides the dangers of the sugary and sticky caramel, the popcorn kernels make this treat a double offender. Choose something else to snack on for the sake of your teeth.

Two treats to enjoy: dark chocolate and cheese

While its white and milk chocolate counterparts contain a ton of sugar, dark chocolate is just as delicious and carries a higher cocoa content but less sugar! The natural antioxidants present in dark chocolate can help fight off bacteria in the mouth. While cheese should be eaten in moderation due to its high fat content, it’s an excellent Valentine’s Day snack choice when it comes to your teeth. Cheese is high in calcium, which your body uses to keep teeth strong and healthy. It’s also been proven to lower the pH balance in your mouth, which prevents cavities.

Investing in a beautiful and healthy smile for you or your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day will impact your life in so many positive ways! Clauss Orthodontics is a highly qualified orthodontic practice with a personal touch. We’d love to talk with you about whether you’re a candidate for a personal orthodontic treatment plan with us. If you’re in the Watertown or Woodbury area, a better smile could be just around the corner!