First Orthodontic Visit

Life is full of firsts, from your first tooth to your first car to the first time you leave home, but as exciting as they are, they can often leave you feeling a little nervous and apprehensive as well. It is not all that unusual to fear the unknown, even if you are looking forward to it, and that includes your first visit to the orthodontist! We know that your initial appointment with us at Clauss Orthodontics can be overwhelming, but we want you to know we view this visit as the most important one you will ever have with us. Our team will go out of their way to wow you, and to make you feel welcome in the relaxed environment of our offices.

Your first visit with us is our chance to meet each other, and get to know each other a little better. It also gives us the opportunity to show you around the office you have chosen, and to familiarize you with the treatments and services we offer. Beginning with your initial consultation, which we always offer free of charge, we want every patient to feel comfortable, respected, and excited to work with us towards a beautifully aligned smile. Here is what you can expect from your very first orthodontic appointment with Dr. Clauss!

The first steps towards your new smile

As soon as you arrive at our Watertown or Woodbury office, you will receive a warm welcome from our team. One of our treatment coordinators will give you a tour of the office and answer any questions that you have. This allows us to show you how we have crafted our environment to make every patient feel safe and relaxed during their appointments. Once the tour is complete, we will take a series of digital photos and a digital x-ray of your full mouth. For bite issues we suspect are complex, we may also take a 3D conebeam scan. These give us a look at what is happening beneath the surface of your gums, like the position and growth of the bones and joints, and any unerupted teeth. All photos, scans, and x-rays are included as part of your free initial exam.

After all of these images have been collected and examined by Dr. Clauss, he may also have several questions to ask you.  The information that comes from your records, the photos, x-rays, and scans we take, and this examination will come together to form a complete picture. Dr. Clauss will use this picture to make a proper diagnosis and  will talk with you about which treatment options are available to correct your particular case, and you will have the opportunity at this point to ask any questions and go over any concerns you have. Dr. Clauss will be sure to take into account which type of braces you prefer or think would work best for your situation. From this discussion, Dr. Clauss will create a customized treatment plan specific to your smile.

You should expect this initial orthodontic evaluation to last approximately an hour. Besides you examination and time with Dr. Clauss, our team will walk you through the entire orthodontic process, from scheduling appointments to expected treatment times, and just about anything in between. While we know how busy our patients are, it is important to us that we give you plenty of time to ask questions and discuss all your options without feeling rushed.

financial paperwork

The planning stages of your new smile

During this initial appointment, you can expect Dr. Clauss or another member of our team to talk with you about what you can expect at different stages of the treatment process. We may also discuss things like:

  • how orthodontic treatment will benefit you
  • how long we expect your treatment to take
  • how much treatment is likely to cost
  • available payment plans and financing options

Once you have gone over your orthodontic options with Dr. Clauss and had a treatment plan mapped out, we will go over all the fees associated with it. Because every smile comes with its  own specific needs and goals, the treatment costs will vary on a case-by-case basis. Our treatment coordinator will review all financial information with you before treatment ever begins.

If you have insurance that includes orthodontic care, our financial coordinator will be happy to collect your information and verify your benefits to help maximize your coverage. We work with most insurance carriers, including:

  • Delta Dental
  • Cigna
  • Aetna
  • Anthem
  • United Concordia
  • United Healthcare
  • Principal

As long as you are able to provide us with your insurance information, our financial coordinator will contact your carrier directly to receive further information, as well as a breakdown of benefits as they relate to the services we are offering you.

Even without dental insurance, Clauss Orthodontics makes it possible for you to afford orthodontic treatment. We are dedicated to providing outstanding value and service at a reasonable cost, and we never want finances to get in the way of giving you the healthy, functional, beautiful smile you deserve. Our offices are proud to offer in-house financing, as well as affordable payment plans – always at no interest. We will always do our utmost to help you find the most comfortable payment option for you and your budget.

The next step in your journey to a straighter smile

Depending on the treatment plan Dr. Clauss creates for you, you may be able to start treatment the very same day as your first appointment! Why wait when you can start the journey towards a straighter smile right away? If time is an issue, or if you would like to discuss the options with another family member, please know there are no strings attached to your initial appointment with us. Our patient coordinator will be happy to help you determine the best time and date to come back to start treatment, answer any remaining questions you have, or talk through any concerns. We want you to feel fully confident in your decision to begin treatment!

family with braces

A warm welcome in Woodbury and Watertown with Clauss Orthodontics

Everyone says that they treat their patients like family, but at Clauss Orthodontics, we really do. We have put a talented team in place to ensure you experience the highest level of orthodontic care with us. Some of our team members have been here a decade or more, and many have extensive backgrounds in orthodontics, patient care, customer service, and business in general. Our skilled staff love what they do, and look forward to coming to work. Their positivity is contagious, and it is our goal to keep every patient looking forward to their next visit!

Not only do we have a fantastic group of people, we also have an experienced orthodontist. Dr. Clauss takes a holistic approach to the treatments we offer, working to enhance both the function and the overall health of the teeth, as well as the surrounding structures. Because he practiced general dentistry for several years prior to becoming an orthodontist, he has a unique approach to the orthodontic process, and focuses on making each patient feel like family. Dr. Clauss and the entire Clauss Orthodontics team are able to do this by offering the best in individualized and compassionate orthodontic care.

If you are in Watertown, Woodbury, or the surrounding areas, and are interested in how orthodontics could benefit you or your family, get in touch with us today to schedule your free consultation. It is time for you to take the first steps towards the smile you have always dreamed of!