Lots to Choose From

There’s more to braces than traditional brackets and wires. At Clauss Orthodontics, you can choose from a variety of treatments and material choices to fit your unique needs.

During your free consultation, Dr. Clauss will let you know the options that best fit your lifestyle and smile goals.

traditional braces illustration

Traditional Metal Braces

Conventional orthodontics—or metal braces—are a straightforward and cost-effective way to correct nearly all forms of tooth misalignment.

The brackets and wires used in traditional treatments are made of hypoallergenic stainless steel material, so they’re safe for all ages. Read more about metal braces.

ceramic braces illustration

Clear/Ceramic Braces

Picture traditional braces, with ceramic brackets that blend in with your teeth. That’s exactly what our clear braces look like.

With this cosmetic orthodontic option, Dr. Clauss can still provide accurate and efficient treatment like conventional braces but without the metal brackets. Read more about clear braces.

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Dr. Clauss has been a certified Invisalign provider since 2006.

These clear, removable aligners are a popular and convenient choice with our adult patients. Read more about Invisalign.


Phase I / Interceptive Orthodontics

It can be more effective to address growth patterns or bite concerns at an earlier age so that they're easier to fine tune once your child gets older.

That’s why we offer growth modification techniques such as Phase I, space maintainers, palatal expanders, and more, beginning around age seven.

Phase II Orthodontics

Once your child gets a bit older, we can use Phase 2 – conventional braces – to finalize his or her tooth alignment. This two-step approach is usually less invasive and limits the need for oral surgery later on.

The only difference is that the second round of treatment is called Phase 2, because their treatment was preceded by an interceptive phase that positioned the teeth in a way that made them more efficient to align.

Find the Right Treatment for You

Whether you’re visiting Clauss Orthodontics in Watertown or Woodbury, we provide comprehensive treatments for every age. But it’s not just traditional bracket and wire systems that we offer.
Thanks to advancements in orthodontic therapy, Dr. Clauss can provide early intervention and cosmetic options that are better tailored to you and your family. Schedule your free consultation today to learn more.