5 Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

Whether you are looking to straighten your teeth out for the first time or are interested in a minor adjustment after previous work has shifted back, there are plenty of reasons to begin orthodontic treatment. Clauss Orthodontics is dedicated to educating our patients on the importance of keeping their teeth healthy and how to do so. So today, we are here to share five health benefits of straight teeth and the treatments we provide to help you achieve them.

1. Simpler Oral Hygiene Maintenance

With perfectly aligned teeth, you can expect a much easier time brushing, flossing, and keeping your teeth safe from common complications. By eliminating hard-to-reach areas your toothbrush bristles may have trouble getting to, Dr. Clauss can help you decrease your chances of food remaining stuck between your teeth and protect them from plaque buildup, bacteria, and tooth decay. 

Properly cleaning your teeth a minimum of twice each day has a beneficial impact on your long-term dental health and can help you maintain your natural teeth later in life. If you have any questions about best practices for cleaning your teeth, tongue, and gums, please let us know, and Dr. Clauss or one of our team members will be happy to show you.

Daily Wear and Tear

When your teeth are crooked or your bite is not aligned, you may be putting unnecessary pressure on your teeth with even the most basic everyday actions, such as chewing. Straightening your teeth, especially for patients with bite issues, protects against chipping and crack formation, both of which can lead to more serious issues. Aligned teeth are better equipped to handle wear and tear as pressure is more evenly distributed throughout your mouth.

2. Digestion Becomes More Comfortable

If your teeth are misaligned when you bite down, chewing may become uncomfortable. Proper chewing is the first step in breaking down your food into bite-sized pieces, which is essential for smooth digestion and proper nutrition. 

When improperly chewed food is swallowed as large pieces, your digestive system is forced to work harder to break it down, which can lead to uncomfortable side effects such as stomach aches and heartburn. However, properly aligned teeth can lead to more properly chewed food and, thus, easier digestion.

3. Reduce Your Risk of TMJ/TMD Issues

Have you ever heard a clicking, cracking, or popping noise when you open your jaw or feel it shift out of place? Complications with the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, can sometimes worsen when your teeth are out of place. Crooked teeth can also result in teeth grinding or clenching, which can place unnecessary pressure on this joint, leading to jaw discomfort or even dislocation.

These issues are known as TMD or temporomandibular disorder, and the causes and discomfort can sometimes fade following the alignment of the teeth into their proper position.  Seeking orthodontic treatment when you first notice these issues may help avoid more complex procedures in the future.

Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

4. Embrace the Boost in Your Self-Confidence

Straight teeth can often lead to a boost in self-confidence. Nothing feels better than putting time and effort into treatment and seeing the payoff of all your hard work. Your smile affects many aspects of your life and can drastically improve your sense of well-being.

Your grin is one of your greatest assets; it is associated with success in both personal and professional relationships. Clauss Orthodontics loves seeing the amazing confidence boost in our patients after their braces are removed!

5. Enjoy an Easier Time Sleeping

Crooked teeth and bite issues can prevent patients from being able to close their mouths completely, affecting their sleep patterns and possibly even leading to snoring. When your mouth stays slightly open during sleep, your body tends to breathe mainly through your mouth during the night. This causes dry mouth, creating the perfect environment for bacteria growth and bad breath in the morning. 

Fixing your bite and allowing your mouth to close completely during sleep redirects airflow through your nose. The tiny hairs inside your nostrils help purify the air that enters, filtering out dust and allergens, thus helping prevent sore throats and minor infections. 

Treatments To Improve Your Alignment 

Fortunately, Clauss Orthodontics provides many treatment options to improve the alignment of your teeth and help you reach your goals. We can fit your lifestyle and desired look while giving you the smile you deserve!

Traditional Metal Braces

Able to fix even the most complex of alignment issues, you can never go wrong with traditional metal braces. This reliable, cost-effective option is always a top choice among patients and can provide you with a healthy, straightened smile in one to three years on average.

Clear Braces

Made of ceramic, clear braces are an excellent choice for adults looking to work on their teeth without the prominent appearance of orthodontic treatment. They are a discreet option using tooth-colored brackets to guide your teeth in the right direction. Clear braces treatment takes between one to three years on average.

Invisalign Care

A great aesthetic choice, Invisalign similarly provides subtle care to older teen and adult patients without anyone noticing. They provide incredible results and are a removable appliance, meaning you don’t have to worry about food restrictions while wearing them. Most patients typically wear Invisalign between one and two years. 

Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

Work Toward a New Smile Today!

No matter the condition of your teeth, Clauss Orthodontics welcomes all patients to start treatment as soon as they are ready. We believe everyone deserves a healthy smile. Our teams in Watertown and Middlebury are ready to help you take the first steps! Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Clauss today and learn more about the condition of your teeth!