When it comes to getting braces or orthodontic treatment, there are more options than a person might realize. The truth is, not all of these different types of services are offered elsewhere. By seeing our orthodontist in Watertown and Woodbury, you know you’re able to select from a menu of treatments that might not be available in your everyday family dental office.

Traditional Braces
Conventional braces are the most popular type of orthodontic appliances that we offer. Made of hypoallergenic materials, these braces are appropriate for patients of all ages and backgrounds. Yes, children and teens often enjoy choosing various brightly colored bands to adorn their smile with traditional braces. Adults may opt for clear bands if they like, or even explore alternatives like ceramic brackets that blend in better with their teeth.
Phase 1/Phase 2 Interceptive Treatment
Young children experience rapid growth and oral development within the span of just a few years. In many situations, Dr. Clauss can intervene and address orthodontic situations that would otherwise evolve into complex bite problems. We do this through growth modification techniques. After a few years have passed and the remaining adult teeth are erupted, we then “fine tune” the bite and tooth alignment through a limited duration in traditional braces.
Clear Braces
Picture traditional braces that are made of tooth colored material that blends in with your smile. That’s exactly what clear braces are. The ceramic brackets are less noticeable to other people when you’re talking or smiling, but they still work like conventional orthodontics. No colorful bands are necessary.
Invisalign is an extremely popular treatment option for our adult patients. The clear, translucent, removable alignment trays make it possible to straighten your teeth without having brackets or wires involved.
Problem Focused Orthodontics
Some people simply want to enjoy a smile that looks straighter, without having to undergo more extensive orthodontic treatment or have expensive cosmetic dental work done. Our problem focused orthodontics are ideal for short term braces cases where we align the teeth that are visible toward the front of your smile.
Soft-Tissue Laser
Impacted teeth are a common concern that Dr. Clauss treats. Impaction occurs when an adult tooth is blocked or wedged in a way that it cannot erupt into the mouth. It’s often a result of premature tooth loss or too small of a jaw. Thanks to soft tissue lasers, we can uncover the tooth to place a bracket on it and “pull” or encourage it down into the proper place. Offices without these capabilities might have to refer the patient to an oral surgeon.
Digital Scanning and Imaging
Planning your orthodontic treatment is more accurate and comfortable than ever. Clauss Orthodontics uses iTero digital scanning to capture virtual “impressions” of your teeth, so that no gooey or bulky trays are needed. In addition to having digital x-ray equipment, we’re also equipped with 3D CBCT conebeam equipment that allows us to capture three-dimensional imaging of your overall orofacial anatomy when necessary.
Once you’ve achieved a beautiful, healthy smile, it’s important to keep it that way. Our orthodontic retainers are custom fitted to your mouth in a way that will help preserve proper tooth spacing and positioning for years to come. Some options include fixed retainers, Hawley retainers, and clear Essix retainers.
Initial Evaluation and Routine Observation
Once Dr. Clauss has examined your child’s teeth, we will do one of two things. 1) Begin orthodontic treatment, or 2) Place your child on a routine observation schedule. For the latter, we will intermittently assess the bite development of your child, in order to intervene if necessary. Such visits usually occur only once or twice a year and are free of charge.

Contact Clauss Orthodontics today to schedule a free consult for you or your child! We are so excited to be apart of your journey to a straighter smile.

Awesome experience with my daughters first appointment this week. We even just received a super sweet personalized note in the mail! All staff made her feel comfortable as she was a little hesitant.

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