While Invisalign® treatment is different for everyone, the overall process is nearly identical. From the initial visit to retaining your results, here’s what you can plan to expect from Clauss Orthodontics in Watertown and Woodbury:

The Consultation

During your Invisalign consultation, we’ll be able to provide you with an estimated length of treatment, so that you know what to generally expect. For some people, it’s a minor cosmetic case that only takes six months. For others, it may be 18-24 months total. This timeline is extremely unique to your bite anatomy.

Scanning For Impressions

We’ll use iTero technology and digital imaging to capture virtual scans and x-rays of your teeth. These digital images and impressions can be shared directly with Invisalign labs, for a precisely fitted alignment tray system. Not only are digital impressions/scans more comfortable for our patients, they also eliminate damages to materials during shipping, along with potential human error.

Treatment Planning

The digital impression from the iTero Scanner is transferred to Invisalign electronically, so that your particular case can be planned and aligners created at the manufacturing lab. From time to time, it’s possible to share a digital preview of your proposed treatment, before it even starts. Dr. Clauss is extremely involved in the mapping and planning process, ensuring that your aligners deliver the type of results that he has in mind.

Picking Up Your Aligners for the First Time

Once Invisalign has created and delivered your customized trays to our Watertown or Woodbury office, it’s time for you to pick them up. At your next visit, we’ll try the first set of trays in, show you how to care for them, and discuss when they need to be worn.

Progress and Change

About every two weeks, you’ll change out your current set of Invisalign trays for the next. Each set of aligners is slightly different than the one before it. The specific changes in each set place pressure in key areas, to gently reposition those teeth. It is important to remember to wear your aligners for 20-22 hours per day.

Gradually and systematically, Invisalign straightens your smile. No wires or brackets are necessary.

Retaining Tooth Placement

Once your Invisalign treatment is complete, it’s vital to take steps to retain the positioning of your teeth. Otherwise, they can relapse into their previous position. To protect your investment, we’ll fit you with a retaining aligner that looks like an Invisalign tray. This retainer is still removable, but you’ll need to wear it regularly.

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Awesome experience with my daughters first appointment this week. We even just received a super sweet personalized note in the mail! All staff made her feel comfortable as she was a little hesitant.

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