Aligning the teeth and jaws is an essential part to enhanced oral health. Have you ever wondered what’s involved in getting braces at our Watertown or Woodbury orthodontic office for yourself or your child? Here’s what to expect:

What's involved in getting treatment and what should you expect?

Initial Consultation

Your first visit includes a complimentary consultation and exam. We’ll also take a digital “impression” of your teeth using virtual iTero scanning technology, along with any necessary x-rays. In some cases — if you’re ready to move forward — we can start treatment on the very same day.

Dr. Clauss will review the different methods of treatment options available to address your specific concerns and needs. Once it’s been narrowed down, our treatment coordinator will review the step by step process with you, along with what’s involved.

We understand that a significant part of moving forward with orthodontic treatment is based on the financial investment. Our team will work closely with your dental insurance carrier to maximize any benefits that your plan covers. 

Comprehensive Treatment

During traditional treatment, we will bond the individual brackets to each of your teeth, and place an “archwire” that spans from one tooth to the next, which facilitates the tooth movement. With Invisalign treatment, we will scan your mouth to be fitted for your Invisalign trays.

Depending on your particular case, there may also be a need for adjunctive aids such as a palatal expander, rubber bands, springs, etc. that are to be used. The particular methods implemented will be reviewed during your treatment planning process.

Maintenance and Follow Up Visits

About every six to eight weeks, you will need to see Dr. Clauss to have your braces or aligners adjusted. We will generally change out arch wires and ligatures/bands. It is vital that you keep these appointments, as delaying them will also cause a delay in your desired results.

Follow your home care instructions as closely as possible. If you need to wear specific rubber bands, appliances, or make adjustments, it is vital that you do so. This allows your teeth to progress properly between your appointments.


Once your orthodontic treatment is completed, it’s essential to take steps to retain the positioning of your teeth. Dr. Clauss offers a variety of different retainers, including traditional wire retainers and clear, removable retainers that resemble an Invisalign tray. In some situations, we may recommend a permanent bonded retainer (such as behind your lower front teeth.)

Are you ready to get started? Need more information? Book a free orthodontic consultation in Woodbury or Watertown. Call Clauss Orthodontics today to get started.

Awesome experience with my daughters first appointment this week. We even just received a super sweet personalized note in the mail! All staff made her feel comfortable as she was a little hesitant.

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